Based out of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, the OU BatLab is a research team focused on mammal ecology and conservation. Our goals are to promote the protection and recovery of species around the world through field research and public outreach, and to mentor the next generation of mammalogists.


Mammal ecology, with an eye on bats

The environmental changes that are predicted to continue over the next several decades pose challenges and opportunities for many animal species. Changing weather patterns, including temperature and precipitation, have the ability to profoundly affect the composition of vegetative communities and natural disturbance regimes (e.g., wildfire frequency and severity), forcing animal populations to acclimatize, adapt, or potentially be outcompeted within their current range. Understanding how species will respond is essential to planning conservation efforts. We use the tools and knowledge from the fields of mammalogy and physiological animal ecology to study how species interact with their changing environments in order to understand the future of our wildlife species and help guide present conservation and management.