Lab Members

Contact any of us for information about our studies, or about the lab in general.


dr. Joseph Johnson

Joe is the PI of the lab. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky in 2012, after which he completed his post-doctoral training at Bucknell University. Joe has been an Assistant Professor at Ohio University since 2016. He is broadly trained as a mammalogist, a physiological ecologist, and a conservationist.


austin waag

M.Sc. student (2016-2018) studying population dynamics of little brown myotis in Yellowstone National Park.


maria monarchino

M.Sc. student (2017-2019) studying habitat use of eastern red bats in southeastern Ohio.



Elijah Lee

M.Sc. student (2018-2020) studying bat community occupancy across Yellowstone National Park.


Mattea Lewis

Coming soon